Facebook new Phone sets to kill Google, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry

According to Nigam Arora, Facebook new Phone sets to kill Google, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry

As the Present-day phones are built around apps.  
Mark ZuckerbergCEO of Facebook, asked the right question, “Should the phones be designed around people and not apps?”  His answer was apparently that people are more important than apps.  The result is an app he’s calling “Home.”   The Home app offers a Facebook centric home page for Google Android phone users.

This is how Facebook describes its new phone, “With Home, everything on your phone gets friendlier. From the moment you turn it on; you see a steady stream of friends’ posts and photos. Upfront notifications and quick access to your essentials mean you’ll never miss a moment. And you can keep chatting with friends, even when you’re using other apps.”
AT&T will be the first one in the United States to offer a phone built by HTC with preinstalled Home for about $100.  The new phone will be available on April 12th.
I have long contended that the secret to Facebook’s future success will be to become a larger part of people’s daily lives.  Home is a big step in that direction.
It is bad news for Google because Google Search, Google Maps, and Gmail are pushed into the background by Home. If Home takes off, Facebook will be piggybacking on the large sums of money that Google has spent developing, maintaining, and promoting Android and perhaps someday reaping more rewards than Google.
Facebook’s phone foray is bad news for Apple because Home is not available on iOS.  Paradoxically, Home will become a differentiator for Android against Apple.  In other words, if a consumer likes Home and was waffling between picking Apple or Android, now the consumer will have a clear choice to pick Android.
Of course in the long run it makes plenty of sense for Facebook to offer Home for iOS.  But the mere fact that Home is not available for iOS right now adds to the perception that Apple is no longer in the forefront of what people want.
Even though Microsoft owns shares in Facebook, Home is not available at this time for the Windows Phone platform.  This will hurt Nokia because Nokia has thrown its lot in with Microsoft.
This is also not good news for BlackBerry Z10.  One of the big criticisms of Z10 is the lack of native apps that people really want.  Non-availability of Home on BlackBerry is certainly not helpful to sales of Z10 beyond the hardcore loyalist market.